Passionette Bakes by Jeanette
Passionette Bakes by Jeanette

About Me

Name: Jeanette Niess

Address: München


Profession: Montessori Kindergarten Teacher (English)
Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Artwork
Languages: German, English, French, Mandarin, Malay

 Jeanette Christie De Silva-Niess, born and raised in Singapore. I grew up around some of the most delicious and diverse Asian cuisines in the world.


Officially, the Republic of Singapore, is a Southeast Asian island city-state,  off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Its population is highly diverse and reflecting this diversity, my country has four official languages: English,  Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.


I'm a speaker of three of these languages, as well as French and in the last decade, German.


My first career in a prestige airline, as a flight attendant allowed me to not only travel the world, it also gave me the opportunity to meet, to learn about different people and various cultures.


I went on to become a Montessori pre-school teacher and trainer in 1994, before rediscovering my first love. Baking and cake decorating. After the birth of my 3 children., as a mother and one who likes to cook and bake, I wanted them to always have something special to remember their birthday by... "baked and decorated with love and passion".


As a teen, I was a weekend baker for my mother and relatives.  I was always experimenting with various sorts of cakes. There was always something to sink your teeth in for tea over the weekend, but never ever too sweet! That's my policy. Cakes can be healthy without drowning it in sugar and artificial additives.


The maternal ladies in my family are also avid bakers. Our celebration cakes were hardly ever bought from a bakery.


My marriage to a native German brought me to Germany, Munich in 2007.


Three years later,  I met a wonderful group of Singaporean ladies, who like me, are mostly married to a German. Singaporeans in Germany, Singaporeans in Bayern and in the various German States.


Missing "our home" hawker center/ food court delights, we often got together to cook up a storm.

After the birth of my third daughter in 2011, I stopped working as a pre-school teacher.

With time on my hands, my addiction for cake baking and decorating techniques returned. I travelled to London on occasions to visit the Cake Bake Competitions and workshops held. This helps me keep abreast with the latest trends in cake making, decoration styles and techniques in the market.

Friends who know me for my professional and creative work requested randomly to bake for them and their friends.

I enjoy taking on interesting and challenging bake requests, dedicated bakes for special occasions.


It is a wonderful feeling to see a face light up, and even more so when the cake itself is well received. Cakes are not only to be eaten! It can be works of "Edible Art!


Thanks to my family, I grew up with this motto, which my cousin suggested when I was brainstorming for a name for my webpage  :


"Just about everything you make is a gift; as we were brought up with..... love."


Thus, the passion for Always bake and do anything with Love, Straight from the Heart!


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Homepage online

In parallel to my Facebook page ,Passionette Bakes by Jeanette. This online presence is accessable to anyone.. Hope you enjoy looking through the pages.

It's all edible!

My Artwork


I am constantly increasing my portfolio .
The various, interesting requests are my challenge.
In my gallery you can get a general overview of my works.

Do have a look.!

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